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The following is a list of classes that I currently teach and the essential standards that I will meet for each class. There are many standards that apply to each class but these essentail standards are the ones I believe every student must know to master my class.
Entrepreneurship(Be Your Own Boss)
  • BCA1.b.14h - I can compare and explain the difference between budgeted costs and actual costs.
  • EC4.a.12h - I can interpret how changes in supply or demand often causes buyers and sellers to adjust their purchase and sales decisions based on relative price.
  • EN2.a.10h - I can evaluate the market viability of a local community for a new venture business (i.e.,population demographics, levels of employment, saturation of the market, etc.).
  • EN2.b.13h - I can develop a business plan for a prospective entrepreneurial venture.
  • MK1.a.11h - I can identify the impact of a products life cycle on marketing decisions.
  • MK1.e.11h - I can define market segmentation and describe how to use it.
Intro to Robotics (MS)
  • ENG.5.a.4.m - I can identify how things work from information provided in manuals, protocols, or experianced people.
​​​​​​​Intro to CAD (MS)
  • AC.1.b.9.4 - I can demonstrate the use of Standard Measuring System to 1/16" and the Metric System to the milimeter.
Keyboarding (MS)
  • IT1.a.4.m​​​​​​​ - I can demonstrate the touch method of keyboarding on an alphanumeric keyboard at accepatble speed and accuracy levels.

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