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Elements of Design

Credit 1.00
Open to grades 9-12

This course is ideal for any student going into a design related field of study. Students who take this course will study the basics of design principles. These principles will be applied through the application of skill-based work in the areas of interior and housing design, fashion and quilt design, industrial design, art. This class will allow students the opportunity to use their creativity in hands on projects such as designing floor plans, planning interiors (kitchens to man caves), designing fashions or quilts, and working with Business and Engineering & Technology Education classes in cooperative projects, like the online school store. Come explore your talents and foster your creativity!

Essential Standards
  • Students will be able to demonstrate work ethics and professionalism in the workplace.
  • Students will design or analyze a consumer product.
  • Students will research new products and explore the product reviews.  Analyze the finding.
  • Students will apply the principles and elements of design.
  • Students will draw and interior space to mathematically accurate scale using correct architecture symbols and drafting skills.
  • Students will apply appropriate studio tools.
  • Students will prepare visual presentations including legends, keys and schedules.
  • Students will demonstrate professional skills in using a variety of equipment, tools and supplies or fashion, apparel and textile construction, alteration and repair.
  • Students will demonstrate basic skills for producing and altering textile products and apparel.
  • Students will create solutions to address customer concerns.