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Check out these fun Math websites for extra practice
on the skills you are learning!

Common Core Math Skills
Mr. Nussbaum

All Math Skills - Many Skill Levels

Math Playground  (Choose a grade level and pick a skill to work on. If it is too hard choose a lower grade level.)
Sheppard Software  (21 different Math topics to choose from!)

Multiplication                                      Probability
Bowling Pin Math                                                    Card Sharks
Clear It Multiplication                                              Probability Fair

Decimals                                                   Order of Operations
Decimals of the Caribbean                                     Order Ops
Hotel Decimalfornia
Death to Decimals                              
Lunch Lady

Mr. N's Boardwalk Challenge

Fractions                                                   Computation Skills
Tony's Fractions Pizza Shop                                   Computation Castle
Sand Dollar Exchange
Fraction Dolphins                                                    
Solving Equations
Sushi Fractions                                   Teacher Dodgeball
Clara Fraction's Ice Cream Shop                Function Windows         
Fraction America

Geometry                            Word Problems

Zoo Designer                                      Best Math Friends
Age of the Angles
Anti-homework Elementary
Paper Football

Positive and Negative Numbers

MrNussbaum's Boardwalk Challenge
Negative an Positive Speed Math