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  1. Fundraising
    1. All players will be expected to help in fundraising efforts
      1. Watercross
      2. Adrenaline Fundraiser Cards
      3. Tailgate Party
      4. Youth Football Options
  2. Expectations & Philosophy
    1. Coaches
      1. Treat kids Fairly / Will Coach daily with intensity, positivity and enthusiasm
      2. Team comes first for all playing time decisions
      3. Hydration and player safety will be emphasized at all levels
      4. Concussion – State rules on “Ready for Play” steps will be followed!
      5. 2 Coaching Goals
        1. Coach to build character, accountability, integrity and responsibility to prepare our players to become outstanding citizens, students, future contributors to society or good fathers, etc.
        2. To coach our players to compete in every drill, practice and game in order to produce on Friday nights and win games.
    2. Players
      1. Believe….in yourself, your coaches and your teammates!
      2. Set high expectations to rise to a new level above last year
      3. MAXIMUM effort at all times for yourselves and your teammates!!!
    3. General Rules
      1. Conduct yourself in a manner that will make your family, school, community, teammates, coaches, and SELF proud
        1. Treat others with respect
        2. Set a good example for our youth
        3. Be honest and act in a manner that represents this program well
        4. With situations that arise, ask yourself…
          1. Will it embarrass me, my family, my team, or my school?
      2. Adhere to all code of conduct and school policies
        1. No drugs/alcohol/tobacco period!
        2. Make great choices of what you’re doing and who you’re with when out of school
        3. Keep your grades up and set high standards for yourself in the classroom / Have great attendance / DO NOT be tardy to class
      3. Be accountable
        1. Do your job and do it to the best of your ability
        2. Have character and share the core values of this team
        3. Always think team first – Be unselfish.
        4. Be prepared to give 100% every single day…Play with passion!
  3. Priority List
    1. Religion and Family, then School, then Football!
  4. Practice and game guidelines
    1. No one misses practice, film sessions, team meetings, walk-throughs or team lifting without a valid excuse.
      1. If an issue arises, contact Coach Hale immediately at or call 715-431-0867.  Leave a message if you don’t get an answer!!!
      2. Coach Hale will make the final decision on whether an absence/issue is excused or unexcused
      3. 1 unexcused practice – Possible 1 game suspension, 2 unexcused – Possible 2 game suspension, 3 unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the team
    2. Be on time to every team practice, game, function.  Tardiness WILL NOT be tolerated.
    3. Use proper language!  Vulgar language WILL NOT be tolerated! 
    4. You must be properly equipped.
    5. Give 100%, learn each day and have a lot of fun. 
    6. Leave your outside worries at the locker room.  As soon as you get on those pads, enjoy the experience and be mentally ‘into it’ every day.


  1. Penalties for General Rule violations and Practice Violations
    1.  “REMINDERS”
      1. Violations of ANY of the above can result in “Reminders” for the player and/or team
      2. Reminders are a conditioning penalty that will be tied into practice
    2. Game/quarter suspensions (determined by coaching staff on severity of violation)
    3. Dismissal from team (determined by coaching staff on severity of violation)
  2. Parents
    1. The coaching staff will try and make this the best possible experience for our TEAM. 
    2. Not all players will see significant playing time / PLAYERS WILL BE JUDGED ON EFFORT AND TALENT / No players are guaranteed varsity playing time no matter what grade they are in, how much time they have put in, etc. Have your child talk to a coach first if you are unhappy about playing time so the coach can discuss how to improve.
    3. Realize the coaching staff is ALWAYS making decisions based on what is best for the TEAM, and not necessarily your child!
    4. We will be open to communicating about how to help your son improve, concerns about your son’s behavior and how we as a staff, treat your son on a daily basis.  
    5. We will NOT be open to discussions on playing time, team strategy & play calling or other athletes.  Any issues that do arise, do not confront a coach during OR right after a game.  Use the 24 hour rule and then email or call the Head Coach to discuss.
  3. Committee of Men
    1. Formed to create a positive Team Atmosphere and deal with any issues that arise.
    2. Consists of 1-2 Seniors, 1-2 juniors, 1-2 sophomores and 1-2 freshmen voted on by team
    3. Characteristics
      1. A team player and one who will speak up for the good of the team
      2. A good representation of our team
      3. Dependable and of good character
      4. A Student-athlete with no discipline issues
      5. A fighter, not a quitter, when times are tough
      6. Totally committed

Pirate Football Lettering Policy  **Earning a letter in football is at the discretion of the coaching staff. The minimum criteria are as follows:

  1. Attend ALL practices and games-unless excused by Coaching Staff.
  2. Complete the season with no outstanding co-curricular violations.
  3. Represent your school and the team in a positive manner ALWAYS.
  4. All Juniors-Seniors who meet the above criteria will earn a letter.
  5. Sophomores and Freshmen must meet the above criteria and play in a minimum of ½ the varsity season’s quarters


Individual Goals

1.  Max effort EVERY DAY.  No one player can ever loaf in we are going to be successful.

2.  Be coachable.  Understand that the coaching staff wants what is best for you.  Improve daily by listening and improving on your techniques.

3.  Be physical.  Dominate the guy across from you.  Every play!  Every day!


5.  Learn and know your assignments.  Be mentally focused.

6.  Create and make big plays.

7.  Push yourself to always be YOUR best.  Don’t coast because you’re a starter!

8.  Play till the whistle on every play.

9.  Believe!  It’s a new time and you only have 1 shot at this season and the memories that go with!




*Football is a collision sport and violent by nature.  Strength training and aerobic training is essential not only for performance, but for an athletes’ safety as well.  Athletes who do not strength train in the off season are putting themselves in a dangerous situation.  A big part of our strength training program is a focus on the muscles of the upper back, shoulders and neck to help in the reduction of neck related injuries and concussions.   As a coaching staff, we feel we are putting a young man into a dangerous situation if they have not put off season time in to make themselves bigger, faster and stronger.

*Helmets are never to be used to initiate contact.  Tackling and blocking techniques are basically the same.  The player should be in a position of balance with knees bent, back straight, body slightly bent forward, HEAD UP with main contact being made by the shoulder.  As a staff, we will drill this and have every player practice correct blocking & tackling techniques, keeping the head up and “seeing what you hit”.

*All players will be properly fit by the coaching staff for helmets and shoulder pads.  Players are responsible for wearing the equipment issued to THEM and making sure they wear equipment properly.



Pirate Player Football Sign-Off Sheet

1.  I have read our team guidelines.

2.  I will always do what is best for the team in all my actions and not be selfish.

3.  I will follow the state and school codes of conduct.

4.  I will do nothing to bring disgrace or embarrassment to Grantsburg High School Football Team.

5.  I will be accountable, coachable and responsible. 

6.  I will do everything to 100% of my ability.

7.  I will care about my teammates, managers and coaches.

8.  I will always conduct myself in a manner that demonstrates class, dignity, honesty and self-control

9.  I will not miss or be late for any scheduled football activity



*By signing this document, I understand that if I deviate from any of the above statements that I am subject to punishment and or suspension/dismissal from the Grantsburg Pirate Football Program.


Signature: _______________________________________________________


Date: _____________________________________