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updated 4.7.17

Grades K-8
Monday, April 10
Grantsburg Middle School Commons

Sheets will be sent home in Friday folders this week.

Kindergarten - Free
1st and 2nd Grade - $10 (shirt included)
3rd and 4th grade - $20 (jersey extra)*
5th and 6th Grade - $25 (jersey extra)*
7th and 8th Grade - $30 (jersey provided)

Jersey $10  *(Grades 3-6 jersey is the same as last year.  If it still fits, you can use it again.)*
Hats $7 (optional) same hat as last year


SOCCER – Kids can play soccer AND baseball. The soccer season ends around the time baseball games are getting started. Let Pete or your coaches know if there are any May conflicts and we will do our best to resolve them. We will try to accommodate both.

Varsity coach Pete Johnson oversees the youth leagues. However, ALL information regarding team games and practices is generated by each team's individual coaches. Good communication is ESSENTIAL to build a respectful, supportive environment with parents, players, and coaches. Some coaches send schedules and information via email. 

GRADE LEVEL: Teams are created based on the year in school that your child is in right now (or has just finished once summer starts)

CAPS will be sold at the sign-up for any players who want one. $7 for new white mesh/purple front. Older, solid purple styles may be worn. 

JERSEYS. The same purple polyester PIRATES jersey is worn in grades 3-6. If yours still fits, you may use it again. If you need to buy one, order at sign up or talk to Pete. Otherwise, ask around to borrow jerseys from older players who no longer need them. Grade 7-8 jerseys are provided.

Gray pants are worn in grades 3-8. They can be purchased at Lee's in Pine City, Walmart, or other sporting goods stores. We have a limited number of gray pants for those who need to borrow.

Check with friends to buy or borrow jerseys & pants. We encourage families to redistribute outgrown gray pants, PIRATES jerseys, hats, gloves, or cleats.

GRADES 7-8: Schedules and information will be posted on a tab at the left, and email reminders will go out to families who provide addresses. Practices begin in May and games begin early June. Coaches are Pete Johnson (since 1993) and Arlen Jensen.

Participation fees were raised for the first time in over a decade this year. What does our participation fee pay for? Grades 1-2: only your tee shirt. Grades 3-8: Baseballs, bats, catcher's gear, umpires, field equipment & supplies (bases, tees, etc.), field maintenance equipment & repairs & supplies* (gas), tournament entry fees, etc. A portion of older player fees goes toward uniform replacement. All coaches are volunteers. Participation fees are some of the lowest around and do not cover the costs necessary to run the youth program. Hosting youth tournaments helps to raise money to pay for needed items, and families are asked to take a short shift in the concession stand to assist with this.

*Field maintenance is done by volunteers.

NO school funds are used to run this program. All money is earned through fund raising efforts and concession stand.

Information from LAST YEAR below as a reference point.