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Grantsburg School District-“Excellence in Education”

The Grantsburg School District is committed to high expectations and high standards. We proactively work together to develop students’ skills and knowledge thus ensuring a fully supportive environment for excellence in education, to empower students for the future. to empower students for the future.
The Grantsburg School District, as the center of learning for the community, is committed to inspiring all students to be lifelong learners, to develop positive values, and to become contributing members of society.
*  A Quality Staff Makes the Difference in Our Schools Hire the Best Staff and Help them to Grow
*  Relationships Are Important
*  Seek Continuous Improvement
*  Use Data to Drive Decisions
*  Collaborate Toward Common Goals
*  Community Involvement is Essential
*  Focus Decisions on What Is Best for Students
*  Positive School Climate and Culture Enhances Learning
1. Maximize the potential of all students. Individualize instruction so that every student reaches his or her full potential.
2. Promote and infuse core values, build assets, and develop character in our students.
3. Retain/reward teachers and coaches who have consistently proven excellence
4. Increase STEAM learning opportunities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) for Middle School 
        and High School students. STEAM programs include the arts in the STEM curriculum and draw on design principles,
        encouraging innovation and creative solutions.
5. Expand partnerships with community
6. Develop processes to proactively recruit and hire quality staff (teacher shortage).



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Strategic Plan 2018-2020
Grantsburg School District Strategic Plan 2018-2020