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If you are looking for volunteer opportunities within our District please find out how you can make a difference below:

Volunteer Process

  1. Arrange with Grantsburg School District Staff a specific volunteer position and identify your staff supervisor. A listing of opportunities is posted below or you may check with one of our Volunteer Coordinators for current volunteer openings.
  2. Read the Volunteer Handbook thoroughly. The Volunteer Handbook is available in the school office and a download link is provided at the bottom of this window.
  3. Complete and submit your Volunteer Application to your School’s Volunteer CoordinatorThe Volunteer Application is available for download at the bottom of this window.
  • A) Page one and two is to be completed by all volunteers. If the volunteer is working in a supervised setting with students these are the only pages required for submission.
  • B) Page three must be completed by any volunteers working with students in an unsupervised setting. An approval letter must be received before you can begin your volunteer assignment. Submit this approval letter to your Volunteer Coordinator to begin volunteering.
  1. Sign in and sign out on the Volunteer Sheet each time you volunteer at one of our schools in addition to wearing a Volunteer Lanyard.
  2. Notify your Volunteer Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns during your volunteer time.
  3. Every two years, Volunteer Applications must be renewed. 
District, Community Education & High School 
Community Education Director

Grantsburg Middle School 
Dawn Bistram

Grantsburg Elementary & Nelson Primary School 
Elna Doornink




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Volunteer Handbook
Volunteer Application