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Welcome to Mr. Henderson's class!!!

       Welcome to my Business/Computer Science/Online Instruction web page! As you can see by the educational areas I cover, my classes are quite diverse and tend to be in a "Flipped Classroom" environment which means they are both face-to-face and online with each online course recorded so you have access to the lesson when ever you may need it.
   The business courses range from developing your own business through entrepreneurship to marketing and accounting. Computer science spans the areas from physical infrastructure to several programming languages like Python and JavaScript. I also teach an AP Computer Science A class through iForward.
   Additionally, I can assist you with our online environment and determine the best course for your schedule and interest. I also will be assisting Mr. Hasses with the "Life Skills" class which helps our students get a better understanding of our school and the culture that makes our school so great. Of course, I can also help with technology issues or coordination with the school's technology department. 
   My goal is to provide you with helpful information that will assist you in other classes and make your workload lighter. Collaboration and participation will be the norm for my classes. I hope you enjoy and retain what you will learn in any class you choose.  Welcome again!!! 

Contact: Mike Henderson