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Suicide Prevention Curriculum

SOS Signs of Suicide Prevention Program: Taught in Grades 7, 9,

and 11.

The SOS Signs of Suicide® Prevention Program is an award-

winning, nationally recognized program

designed for middle and high school-age students. The program

teaches students how to identify the symptoms of depression and

suicide risk in themselves or their friends, and encourages help-

seeking through the use of the ACT® technique (Acknowledge,

Care, Tell).

Lifelines-A Comprehensive Suicide Awareness and

Responsiveness Program for Teens: Taught in Grades 8, 10, & 12

According to the American Association of

Suicidology, suicide ranked as the third leading cause of death for

young people (ages 15-19 and 15-24.) While suicides accounted

for 1.4% of all deaths in the U.S. annually, they comprised 12.2%

of all deaths among 15-24-year-olds. In order to address this

important issue, Hazelden offers Lifelines: A Comprehensive

Suicide Awareness and Responsiveness Program for Teens. This is

a whole-school program made up of three unique components:

Lifelines: Prevention, Lifelines: Intervention, and Lifelines:

Postvention. This trilogy of programs is the only existing model of

its kind available for teens.

The complete Lifelines Trilogy is based on over 20 years of suicide-

in-youth research that indicates an informed community can help

to prevent vulnerable teens from ending their lives.  


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