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School District Financial Information

School Awards 2019

The Grantsburg School District staff includes devoted and talented individuals who believe in the value of providing an excellent education to the children of Grantsburg. The District is fortunate to have dedicated Board of Education members who are willing to volunteer time and energy to be of service to the community. I would like to thank Dr. Joni Burgin for her contributions to this year’s budget process, years of service, and leadership that directly contributed to the successes of the Grantsburg School District.

Financial Information

Grantsburg School District history of fiscal management has been exemplary. This is evidenced by annual audit reports that continue to ensure budget accountability. Our fiscal efforts have served the District taxpayers and programs well:

  •  All District facility debt was paid off in full in spring of 2018.  Debt was refinanced during favorable interest rates and was paid off early.
  • We continue to have one of the lowest mill rates in CESA #11.
  • We are one of a few school districts in CESA #11 that has not asked voters to pass a tax referendum to override revenue cap limits. (operational referendum)
  • We continue to have one of the lowest per pupil revenue cap allocations in the state. We do more with less.
  • District Fund 10 Fund Balance has increased steadily since 2004.  This improves our Bond rating significantly.  The Fund 10 Fund Balance is budgeted to be approximately 19% of Fund 10 expenditures. Fund Balance is used for cash flow purposes, to fund expenditures, and to cover unforeseen expenditure needs.
  • iForward, the District’s online charter school (grades 6-12), continues its successes. Open enrollment continues to be steady. Current non-resident enrollment is 695 students. iForward is one of the first and largest online virtual schools in the State of Wisconsin.
Budget Presentation Narrated Video (Click here to view)


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