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Welcome to Grantsburg Community Education 


Grantsburg Community Education exists to serve the Grantsburg and surrounding communities by offering opportunities that add value to life. We provide the following opportunities to the community: Classes, Events, Services and Trips. 

Over 30 years ago, the Grantsburg School District made it possible to offer the community with opportunities that would enrich the lives of those living in our local communities through the Community Education program.

Today, the program has evolved to offer experiences that encourage learning and add value to life. We offer a variety of classes, trips, services and events for all ages. We offer 4 family events per year including the Dazzling Daughter Dance, Princess Crafternoon Tea, Mom & Son Fun Night and the Fall Craft Fair.

All of the programs and opportunities we design and offer are focused on adding value to your life through inspiration, creativity and learning. We know that a community that leads, is a community that is committed to life-long learning.

You can experience the benefits of being part of this program through participating in opportunities, instructing, donating time or money, or by being a part of our Advisory Network Team. Let’s work together to make amazing opportunities possible!

We appreciate you taking the time to view our program guide and we would love for you to forward requests and suggestions that will make our program stronger. We are so grateful to our Community Partners and Participants who have given their time and resources into building community connections, increasing personal capacity and skill, and are vital in moving the Grantsburg Community Education program forward. We would love for you to join in on the fun and learning we have!

With Appreciation,
Grantsburg Community Education Director