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Community Service

All projects must be approved BEFORE you begin your project. Please print out the form .pdf on this site and complete the steps in the order listed PRIOR to project.

We are most concerned about student safety and liability. NO credit will be given for Community Service projects which are not approved before you begin your project.

Projects helping individuals are limited to the elderly and the handicapped. You will not receive payment for your services.

All groups and organizations must be non-profit. The exceptions being CCC and Shady Knoll if the project directly serves the residents.

Students are not allowed to work on projects where alcohol is directly involved.

Permission of parents or guardians must be documented before students begin their projects.

All Community Service projects must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult.

We prefer that Community Service activities take place and benefit the community of Grantsburg. Projects taking place in other locations will be considered. Again, our concerns are student safety, liability, and supervision.