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Weather Webquest

Weather Webquest WS

Pompeii Video

PBS-Carbon video clip

Carbon Dating

Radiocarbon Dating

M&M Half-life lab directions and chart

Line Graph Example-Half Life M&M lab 

Quizlet-Relative Dating Practice

Relative Dating-Practice

Relative Dating-Note sheet for Presentation

Relative Dating-Presentation

What do Earth's features tell us?

National Geographic-Colliding Continents

Ice Core Lab--video clip

Tropical Ice Cores--video clip

Fossils Power Point

Fossils Note Sheet for PPT

8-5 Set B: Vocab List: Earth History

Timeline of Presentation: Pebble Mine

Source Card Sheet

Note Sheet

Risk/Benefit Chart-Directions & Example

Mineral Webquest-Site #1

Mineral Webquest-Site #2

Earth From Space-NOVA

Earth From Space

Continents Adrift-Plate Tectonics

Continental Drift Video

Seismographs and waves

Earthquakes & Faults

Smash Lab

Plate Tectonics #1

Site #1: Rock Hounds

Site #2: Rock Cycle