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Grantsburg Elementary and Nelson Primary Schools Mission and Beliefs
The staff and parents of the Grantsburg Elementary and Nelson Primary Schools have worked in collaboration to define the elements that are at the very heart of our schools. Please take a moment to read our school mission and our beliefs about children. This will help you to know what makes our schools such wonderful places for children to learn.


It is the mission of GES & Nelson Primary to ensure high levels of learning for all students in a respectful, responsible and safe environment through collaboration with students, faculty, families and the community. 


All Children need to be nurtured and loved unconditionally.
All children grow in a positive environment.
All children can learn in their own style and ways and need to be respected for their individual differences.
All children deserve a place to learn that is safe, challenging, encouraging, and accepting.
All children are naturally curious and excited about learning and curriculums need to include fun, laughter and variation.
All children have unique backgrounds that have a large impact on each child.
All children need good role models.
All children need confidence and self-respect.
All children, regardless of ability level, learning style, socio-economic, cultural, or racial background have the potential for academic achievement, personal fulfillment and future success.
Learning is enhanced by a safe, caring, and respectful environment.
Learning is a life-long process.
Education is essential to sustain and advance our society.
Education nurtures resourcefulness, adaptability, and personal fulfillment.

Mission in Action

The commitment to education at Grantsburg Elementary and Nelson Primary is truly remarkable! Through your communication and support, along with the work of our outstanding staff, we are able to realize our mission of providing appropriate educational opportunities in a nurturing and secure atmosphere through partnerships with family and community. Here are some of the ways we will be living out our mission this year.

Appropriate Educational Opportunities
•Providing Balanced Literacy with Guided Reading, Writer’s Workshop, Rebecca Sitton Spelling, utilizing Daily 5.
•Implementing My Math to develop mathematical thinkers.

Nurturing and Secure Atmosphere
•Creating responsible students by teaching the Grantsburg Schools’ Core Values.
•Providing a state of the art emergency parent notification system entitled Black Board Connect.
•Putting safety first by utilizing bus, playground and pick-up and dismissal procedures.

Partnership with Family and Community
•Communicating with each other through our website, newsletters, special events, parent conferences, Facebook, and now Pinterest too!
•Welcoming parents and community members to volunteer in our schools.
•Utilizing our Title 1 Schoolwide Leadership Team to share in our decision-making.