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Crex Meadows Winter Club Volleyball

The Crex Meadows club volleyball program was established in 1993 by Bill & Dana Morrin. Generally, this opportunity begins for players in grade 4 and continues through high school seniors.

Historically, Grantsburg has been affiliated with North Country Region in the Twin Cities, primarily playing at the Ralia Center in Maple Grove, MN through grade 6. The grade 7-8 teams & high school team(s) usually compete in tournaments, depending on coach preference and initiative to register their team for competition other than at Ralia. Beginning with the 2015-2016 season, the club was required to be affiliated with Badger Region.

Crex Meadows has always been a club for Grantsburg players, other than the few years in the 2000's when the WIAA required club teams to be comprised of players from other towns. Although our first priority is to Grantsburg players, we occasionally open a roster to players from other towns if certain age levels are low in numbers. This is communicated by word of mouth and an informal tryout is held to determine if the arrangement would be mutually beneficial. We prefer rosters in the 8-10 player range to give everyone adequate court time. 

Cost has historically been around $100, with the last few years increasing to $150-250. Coaches are Impact and SafeSport certified and have been volunteers. Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, coaches have been paid a small stipend to offset travel-meal-hotel costs. The Grantsburg School District has graciously allowed their facilities to be used and a once-a-week practice is scheduled, when possible. Gym time is extremely limited due to having only two gyms with four courts and multiple levels of basketball running concurrently.

The parent organizational meeting for Crex Meadows winter club volleyball is held in November each year. Practices usually begin in December with tournaments or play dates occurring in January, February, March.

Players always have the option to try out for other club programs.

In the last couple of seasons, we have had just one team at the older middle school level, and two high school teams.

Contact Dana Morrin for more info:

Grades 4-8 also have the option of competing in the Wisconsin Independent Volleyball League. This league is under the umbrella of the Great Northwest Basketball League and is explained in depth on a separate page at the left (Grade 3-8 Spring League) and competes in April & early May. Only Grantsburg School District students/home schooled children in Grantsburg are eligible to participate. Grade 3 participates in a low-key introductory league in MN. Information for grades 3-8 spring volleyball is sent home each January.


Spring league volleyball in Grantsburg began in 2014 and has always been free and open to everyone. It is our mission to make volleyball accessible and affordable to all! Club volleyball (established in 1993) used to be the primary way for youth to compete, but cost and Twin Cities travel were difficult for some families. The small number of young players interested in winter club now try out for area clubs, and Grantsburg rarely has young club teams unless parents get it rolling. Spring league has taken its place.

CLICK HERE to see a comparison of school, club, and spring league volleyball. 
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REMINDER: NO athletic teams may hold practices or contests at ANY of the Grantsburg schools after 6:30 PM on Wednesday evenings. This applies to school-sponsored teams and CLUB teams of all levels. Thank you.