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Suggestions for Admission to 4 year Colleges

High school courses should prepare a student for college by helping to develop strong skills in core subject areas. All four-year UW-System Colleges require a minimum of 17 core high school credits, which include:

4 or more credits of English (College Prep courses)
3 or more credits of Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2)
3 or more credits of Social Studies
3 or more credits Natural Science (Science 9, Biology, Additional year of Science)
4 Elective credits (2 years of foreign language/other electives)

Two years of the same foreign language is also a requirement at most colleges, and is strongly recommended by others. It is also strongly suggested that students exceed minimum college admission requirements. College Admissions Counselors will look to see that a student’s senior year is as strong as the previous three years. One of the fastest ways for an applicant to not be accepted to college is the failure to continue with math, science and/or foreign language in the senior year.

Demonstrating well roundedness. Colleges are looking for students that will bring something to their university. They are looking for students with demonstrated leadership ability and/or a strong service background. Students can demonstrate these characteristics by participating in various extra-curricular activities, as well as volunteering in the community. In addition, through participation in these activities, students will likely be able to establish relationships with responsible adults who can write insightful letters of recommendation for admission into college. Letters of recommendation are not required by most colleges, but can certainly help to make a favorable admission’s decision.

General Admission Standards for College

Colleges will use some, if not all, of the information listed below when determining whether or not to accept an applicant. Individual colleges, however, differ in how they evaluate this information. For example, one college may place a great deal of importance on test scores, while another college may not.

· ACT/SAT Scores

· Class Rank


· Rigorous Course Load

· Letters of Recommendations

· Personal Essays

· Interviews

· Extracurricular Activities

· Volunteer and/or Community Service

Advantages of Technical College

Graduates of technical colleges get the education and training that provides skills to compete in today's competitive technical job market . . .

Small classes mean you get more individual attention from instructors.

Less debt as a result of technical college credits costing much less than other four-year institutions, resulting in quicker financial freedom when you graduate.

Two years or less is the time it takes many of our graduates to receive their degree or diploma before entering their exciting, new career.

Smooth credit transfer to the University of Wisconsin System gives you the option of pursuing your bachelor's degree at a later date.

Two-thirds of the fastest growing occupations require technical education.

92% of their graduates are employed within six months of graduation.

74% of their graduates get jobs in a field that is directly related to their training.

97% of their graduates are satisfied or very satisfied with their education from the technical college.
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