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Foods and Nutrition

Center for Science in the Public Interest

American Egg Board

The Science of Cooking

Nutrition Data
"NutritionData (ND) provides a complete nutrient analysis for any food or recipe, and helps you select foods that best match your dietary needs." quote taken from

This site provides resources and an explaination of the changes that were made by the USDA as they went from the recommended MyPyramid to the now newer MyPlate approach.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Every five years the Dietary Guidelines for Americans are updated by the USDA and the HHS. This site provides not only the newest version of the guidelines but also all the versions since 1980.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
This site discusses the improtance of maintaining a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) throughout the life. It also offers a BMI calculator and information specific to different age groups.

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