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Thank you for visiting the District Technology Center homepage!

Here at the District Technology Center we believe in providing outstanding customer service. If you need to contact one of us please dial (715) 463-4719 or feel free to drop an e-mail.

Unless you need to talk to a specific member of the District Technology Center Staff, please dial (715) 463-4719, this will ring all of the phones in the office so your call is more likely to be answered if someone is out of the office.

Jesse Byers - District Technology Director / Network Administrator - (715) 463-4700

Jesse is the network guru and keeper of the passwords.

Jesse runs the ship around here and works hard to make sure that our technology infrastructure stays operational so that you have access to all the things you need out there on the network.

If you are a new student or staff member, make sure that you stop in and see Jesse to get your log-in information.

Jim Petrangelo - District Tech Support - (715) 463-4703

Jim is available to help you when you have computer and software issues.

Speakers not working, printer acting funny, can't get onto the internet? Do you have questions about PowerSchool Teacher or other software? Let me know and I will be there to help you in a flash.


Please direct all of your e-mail inquiries to

Thank you and have a great day!