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PE 9, PE 10, PE 11, Team Sports and Health

Coach Hale
School District of Grantsburg
High School Physical Education

I. Expectations
a. From the teacher
i. I will treat you fairly
ii. I will provide you with a variety of activities to enhance your level of fitness
b. For the student
i. Be on time. If late, enter without disrupting the class.
ii. Treat everyone with respect
iii. Treat the equipment with respect and do not take equipment until directed
iv. Pick up equipment at the end of the game or class period
v. No food or gum in the locker room or gym
vi. You must wear separate & proper attire in class (shorts, jogging pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt) Take your clothes home to be washed regularly.
vii. You have 5 minutes to dress after bell has rung
viii. Students will be expected to participate to the fullest on a daily basis. See Coach Hale about doctor’s notes, etc.
x. Towels are available for showers (encouraged but not mandatory)
xi. Keep locker room clean!
xii. All rules from student handbook will be followed.
xiii. Do not leave gym until bell rings.

PE 9
In PE 9, students will get an introduction to all aspects of physical education including muscular fitness and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility as well as participation in several individual/dual and team sports. There will also be an introduction to the basics of weight training

PE 10

In this course, students will learn skills and perform drills relating to many sports, rules and game play , as well as fitness activities. Sports may include, but are not limited to: Football, Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Badminton, Pickle-ball, Volleyball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, and Floor Hockey. Fitness activities will have a focus on cardio respiratory training and weight training.

Team Sports class offers a chance to participate in a wide variety of sports including: Football, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Team Handball, Speedball, Nitro-Ball, Floor Hockey and more! Class emphasis will be on game skills, teamwork and a general understanding of rules, concepts and play.


Students will be focusing on improving and maintaining great physical health. Activities will include cardiorespiratory workouts, strength and circuit training, individual and dual sports, as well as participation in lifetime sports.


In weight training, students will strive to improve on muscular strength and endurace. Several varieties and levels of strength training will be covered in the semester. Fitness activities will also be included to help maintain great overall physical health!

Policies and Procedures for Non Dressers each Quarter
First time: Verbal warning and ½ credit for that day if you participate.
Second Time: Verbal warning and ½ credit for that day if you participate.
Third Time: Receives credit for physical education that day. Student may be issued “extra duty” (cleaning of equipment, pick up locker room, etc.)
Four or more times: Receives no credit for physical education that day and appropriate steps will be taken to ensure student isn’t wasting his/her own time.
Point values for grades
Daily Activity Participation consisting of :
Sportsmanship / Skill / Game-play – 3 points
Effort – 7 points
Physical participation:
**10 points each day / 5 points will be awarded for non-dressers who participate to the fullest

If you miss class, you can make up the points in two ways.
1. Arranged before or after school workout
2. Written or Web assignment on current activity

We will be covering a wide variety of health topics that affect you and your well-being, as well as taking part in activities to get you fit!

*Overview of health and exploration of web program
  1. We will be covering a wide variety of health topics that affect you and your well-being as well as taking part in activities to get you fit!
  2. Procedures and expectations:
    1.  LEARN.  The topics that we will be covering will have a direct effect on your day to day life as well as your future. I expect you to pay attention on a daily basis and be “into” class discussions and projects.
    2. Turn in work on time.  Late work will not be accepted. If there is a valid need for more time, it must be discussed prior to the due date.
    3.  Be on time.  Students must be in their seat when the bell rings or they will be tardy.
  3. Be prepared.  Students must be ready for class mentally as well as having the supplies needed for that day (laptop, pencil, notebook, etc.)
  4. NO PHONES, Food or drink - keep them on silent.  If they are out, they will be turned in.

*Time frame subject to change on units

McGraw Hill Curric. Outline
Week 1 Ch. 1 &2  Total Health     (Quiz) Week 10 Ch.13-15          Body            (Quiz)
Week 2 Ch. 3-5 Week 11 Ch. 16-18    Life Cycle     (Quiz)
Week 3 Ch. 3-5  Mental health    TEST Week 12 Ch. Sexual health Unit  
Week 4 Ch. 6-9 Week 13 Ch. Sexual health Unit                (Test)
Week 5 Ch. 6-9 Week 14 Ch. 19-22
Week 6 Ch. 6-9  Relationships     TEST Week 15 Ch. 19-22
Week 7 Ch. 10-11 Week 16 Ch. 19-22             Drugs            (Test)
Week 8 Ch. 10-11  Nutrition TEST Week 17 Ch. 26-28     
Week 9 Ch. 12    Fitness     Ongoing         Quiz Week 18 Ch. 26-28        Emergencies    (Test)