Welcome to our 2nd Grade Classroom

Here is a quick rundown of our classroom and how it works:
Our reading curriculum here at Grantsburg Elementary allows students to read and move forward from their own individual levels. Our goal is to see progress in all areas of reading throughout the school year and continue with that progress the following year.
In math I will facilitate the class using a Guided Math approach with whole group instruction for 20 minutes, followed by enrichment stations, and individual or small group work with me depending on each student’s level of understanding and application.
Spelling is part of our daily practice, integrated into our Daily 5 rotations during our Reading block.  The weekly spelling words are included in your weekly newsletter, and can be practiced at home throughout the week.  The students are tested weekly on these 5 spelling words, along with 5 words that follow their Words Their Way rule that they have practiced all week throughout their Daily 5 Word Work.  
Science & Social Studies-
Science and Social Studies alternate throughout the course of the year in an A-B pattern.  When we have completed a full Social Studies Unit, we will then switch to Science Unit etc. 
Writing is practiced daily- covering a wide variety of writing genres.  

Contact: Nell Polzine