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The "volleybuddies" reveal their identities at the February 2012 banquet after the 2011 season.
GHS volleyball players are “Volleybuddies.” This is a voluntary (OPTIONAL) secret-pal activity that is done once a week throughout the volleyball season.

Players' names are drawn from the hat, so pairings could potentially be between different team levels. Ideally, you will not find out who is a volleybuddy to you until the end-of-season banquet. At that time, hand made or simple store-purchased gifts will be exchanged.

NO MONEY NEEDS TO BE SPENT! Some of the best gifts are hand made notes and posters, scrapbook-type things, or other homemade souvenirs & remembrances of the season.

There are many ways to be a good “volleybuddy.” Use your creativity, but don’t let it become a burden or competition! Keep it fun, simple, and encouraging without letting it interfere with schoolwork or other commitments.

If you choose to purchase small gifts you are REQUIRED to stay UNDER ONE dollar per week. NO POP.

Gifts should be encouraging, inspirational, motivational, and related to volleyball. They can be wishes of good luck, congratulations on outstanding accomplishments or contributions to the team, or collections of inspirational quotes or picture collages, etc.

Gift ideas:
granola bar
packet of fruit snacks
small candy bar for AFTER the game
small sports drinks (you can buy a dozen Gatorade 12 oz bottles...50 cents each)
volleyball stickers
hair binder
action shot photograph (sometimes available on website)
news clippings
collage of quotes
inspiring meme from the internet or HOMEMADE meme ;)
thrift store treasure
locker sign
free samples or toys from cereal boxes, etc.

The intent is to build team unity and promote good feelings among volleyball players.

PLEASE remember your volleybuddy once a week, even if she is not a close friend of yours. Remember to support your volleybuddy by watching her games if she plays on a different team.

IMPORTANT! Please do NOT say anything negative about your volleybuddy to anyone. Be gracious and appreciative, no matter how often you receive something or how simple a gift is. Do not compare. Do not compete. Just encourage one another. We will be checking throughout the season to make sure everyone is keeping this simple and not overdoing the gifts.

Good luck keeping your secret and HAVE FUN! If you have questions or need ideas, talk to coaches or the older players.