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Class Information

Schedule for 2018-2019
This year seventh & eighth graders will have Science four days a week.  One of those days will be a block of Science (90 min) and the rest will be 45 min classes.  We will continue to use the Science Fusion "write in" textbooks as a source of information along with the online materials that are provided with our the Science Fusion resources.

(see link below for the Science Fusion text)

Students will receive vocabulary lists related to each unit of study.  Matching quizzes will occur approximately every 2-3 weeks.  We will spend time in class studying these words as they build on the "language of Science."
These lists will be available online--go to the 7th or 8th grade vocabulary links provided to print a copy.

Lab Work & Curriculum
Students will also be engaged in hands-on labs to better understand the Science content for each grade. The Next Generation Science Standards provides a framework for our curriculum which emphasizes three dimensions--science practices,cross-cutting concepts and the disciplines of Science (physical, life, earth/space, engineering)

7th & 8th Grade Assignments
In addition to our write-in Science texts, we also use a variety of online resources.  Access to these links is provided either on our school site under 7th or 8th grade assignments or through the Science Fusion online text component. 

Access to Assignments/Class work
At the beginning of our year together, students will learn where to access information about the work we completed in class.  This information will be in a Google document and it will be updated regularly, most often daily so that students are able to find out what they missed if they are absent from class.  They will also learn about the location of paper assignments in the classroom and can get those materials when they return to school.

Contact: Lucy Myers