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Grantsburg School District - Award Winning Schools!

The Grantsburg School District is one of the finest in the State of Wisconsin. Our students excel in academics and extracurricular activities. Our talented staff personalizes the learning experience for each individual student. Our mission is to ensure a sound basis for student success.

We believe that it is important to build meaningful relationships with students from a strength-based perspective. We encourage our staff to help student possess the life skills, talents, and abilities necessary for everyday life. We seek and create opportunities for students to participate in many school activities. These efforts provide the basis for a young person's ability and willingness to become a contributing member of the family, school, and community in which they live.

We believe that students need these items for successful future:

Competence: knowing their strengths, being "good at something", having skills, talents, and abilities.

Caring: showing concern and empathy for others.

Character: exhibiting values and morals that contribute to a just and civilized society.

Confidence: believing in oneself and having a sense of belonging.

Connectedness: building healthy relationships with family, friends, and members of the community.

We encourage our staff to know their strengths.Great teachers do things differently than average teachers. Regardless of their unique abilities and practices, all great teachers have one thing in common -- they know their talents and they leverage them in the classroom.

Please review this year's Strategic Plan- found in your menu on the left of this webpage.


Contact: Joshua Watt, Superintendent