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Every student needs gym clothes and a pair of gym shoes. Please bring them to school and keep them in your gym locker.

All students will be given a padlock and locker to use for the school year. Students must turn in the padlock at the end of the year.

Physical Education is basically a participation grade. There will be 1-2 written assignments each trimester and 1-2 skill tests given each trimester. Students will be given 5 points each day. One point for being present, one point for being on time, one point for being prepared, and two points for participation without complaining. If a student is absent, they need to make up the activity by completing 45 minutes of physical activity outside of class and bring in a signed note stating what activity and when the student made up the class time.

90's are A's
80's are B's
70's are C's
60's are D's
below 60 is an F

Contact: Penny Curtin