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My name is Bradley Nelson and I am a Social Studies teacher at Grantsburg High School. I've been with the district since 2012. I am currently teaching World History, AP World History, AP Psychology, US History, and Wisconsin Heritage and Culture. I am also the boys track and field coach.

I am originally from Clear Lake, and my wife and I live in St. Croix Falls with our three children. We are avid campers and love traveling around Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Essential Standards
These are the required standards students will be assessed on for each course:
  • US History
    • Students will use historical evidence to determine cause and effect.
    • Students will analyze and evaluate patterns of continuity and change over time.
    • Students will connect past events, people, and ideas to the present, and use historical perspectives to put current events into context.
    • Students will evaluate a variety of primary sources to interpret the historical context, intended audience, purpose, and/or author’s point of view.
  • World History
    • Students will frame researchable, complex, and open-ended questions, integrating multiple social studies strands that call for investigation.
    • Students will construct questions that support the research and identify the sources that will be used in the student-developed research proposal.Analyze and weigh relevance of source to determine the reliability, limitations, and usefulness of a source.
    • Students will explore evidence discovered through personal research through a variety of disciplinary lenses (e.g., economics, history, political science) and multiple perspectives (e.g., race, gender, ethnicity, language, disability, sexual orientation, family background, and/or family income) with a variety of sources including primary and secondary sources and media resources.
    • Students will analyze and weigh relevance of source through a disciplinary lens to determine how the author, context, audience, and purpose affect the reliability, limitations, and usefulness of a source.
    • Students will develop a defensible claim to provide focus for an inquiry that is based upon the analysis of sources.
    • Students will support claim with evidence using sources from multiple perspectives and mediums (electronic, digital, print, and other mass media).

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