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The Grantsburg High School Math Department is dedicated to giving students the opportunity to learn a wide variety of exciting and useful mathematical topics that will help prepare them for careers or further education. We use TI-83/84 calculators in our classes which may be rented from the school and employ the use of computers in most classes.

Currently, two math classes are required for graduation, but we strongly recommend at least three. For students wishing to attend a 4-year university, we recommend at least 4 classes. For our advanced students, we offer two advanced placement classes in alternating years, Statistics and Calculus AB.

The classes currently offered in our traditional track are Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, PreCalculus, AP Calculus, and AP Statistics. Our integrated track features Integrated Math I and Integrated Math II. The department also teaches Personal Finance, a valuable class that does not count as a math credit.

Contact: Jay Gilhoi