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A Little Bit About Me

"Hi there," my name is Nell (Amundson) Polzine. I grew up here in Grantsburg, and am excited to be back teaching in the school district in which I myself received my education.

After graduating from Grantsburg High in 2003, I continued my education at Fergus Falls Community College. There I participated in both volleyball and softball, as well as, the choir program.

Earning my Associates Degree from Fergus, I then moved on to the College of St Scholastica in Duluth. Here I finished my college career in December of 2007, graduating with a degree in Elementary Education, science emphasis. Since then, I have earned my Masters Degree through the college of Saint Mary's.

I have been working here at Grantsburg Elementary since Spring 2008. I love coming to work each day to see my students. They are some of the best, and we are sure to have a great year together!

Contact: Mrs. Nell Polzine