Our season has started!  Check out the schedule using the link on the left side to keep up with us!


The junior high volleyball teams do NOT practice on Wednesday nights. Make sure you are dressed (shorts, t-shirt, hair pulled back, no jewelry) and ready in the gym at 3:35- ready to practice. We will make sure that our practices end at 5:15, please make sure to have a ride home at that time. You may not hang around school after practice is over.

Two things that might be helpful to make sure that you have are:
  • volleyball shoes or at least shoes you can wear in the gym
  • a pair of black spandex shorts (in the past the girls have preferred to wear these during games instead of school issued shorts however, all the girls must have them in order for the team to wear them)

Anything you can do to get your body in shape prior to volleyball season would be great! Here is a GREAT opportunity:
  • Mrs. Curtin will be running some super summer school volleyball classes August 18 & 20 at the middle school gym for anyone interested in playing volleyball in 7th and 8th grade. We will be working on skills and rotations at this time for the upcoming season. If you would like to attend please contact Linda Halacy at the high school (463-2531) or email her at . Even if you are only able to attend one day it will really help out as we don’t have many practices in jr. high before our first game.

Rides home from away games:

Please look at the schedule and be sure to secure a ride home after away games once we return to the middle school. We will do our best to contact parents as we leave away games so they will be able to gauge the time to pick up.

IMPORTANT: When planning rides home from another school players are allowed to have THEIR PARENT sign them out to go home. If you want anyone other than your parent to bring you home from a game, Mr. Amundson needs to be contacted and he will give your coach the notification that you are allowed to ride home with someone other than your parent (a friend’s parent, your grandparent, etc.). Your coach cannot release you to anyone after an away game other than your parent without Mr. Amundson’s permission. This needs to be arranged BEFORE the game- a day or two before a game is often times ideal.  You can call the middle school office 463-2455 and ask for him or send an email at mamun@gk12.net. ;

Missed practices or games:

Please let your coach know in advance of a missed practice or game. If you are absent from school or go home sick please ask the office to notify your coach so that we can plan for your absence. If coaches aren’t notified from you, your parent or the office (we should not find out from another player) it will be an unexcused practice and may result in missed playing time. You need to put in the effort to notify your coach.

If you have questions you may contact us via e-mail. The schedule is found on the left tab! If you have questions, please let either of us know! 

Your Coaches,

Mrs. Kim Hallberg           Mrs. Penny Curtin
8th Grade Coach             7th Grade Coach

Contact: Mrs. Kim Hallberg; Mrs. Penny Curtin