Grantsburg Comprehensive School Counseling Program

The Wisconsin Character Education Partnership (WCEP) has selected Grantsburg to receive the first Wisconsin Promising Practices Awards. This award recognizes Wisconsin schools that have promoted character development.
Grantsburg's Comprehensive School Counseling Program's Mission Statement:

The goal of the Grantsburg Comprehensive School Counseling Program is to enable all students to achieve success in school and to develop into a contributing member of our society. School success requires that students make successful transitions and acquire the attitudes, skills, and knowledge that are essential to the competitive workplace of the 21st century. Our Comprehensive School Counseling Program will assist our students in three critical areas.

1. Academic Development

2. Career Development

3. Personal/Social Development

School Counselors meet with students to:
~Provide support when dealing with personal problems
~Behavior problems
~Problems with grades
~Peer group difficulties
~Support group activities
~Create a plan for academic success
~Look at career opportunities

School Counselors meet with parents to:
~Provide support and resources for parents seeking help
~Share information about their child within the boundaries of the counselor's professional ethics

School Counselors consult with staff and other professionals to:
~Help identify and assist students with academic and emotional difficulties
~Teach comprehensive school counseling classes at all grade levels

Commonly heard concerns in a School Counselor's office:
~"I just need to talk to someone."
~"My best friend hates me now and everyone is against me."
~"My homework isn't done and I am having a hard time in class."
~"Something happened to me and I need to talk."
~"My family is having a rough time and I don't know what to do."

The Grantsburg school counselors are certified professional counselors who assists students, parent/guardians, staff, and administrators. Grantsburg's counseling program consists of four major components:

1. Curriculum

2. Individual Planning

3. Responsive Services

4. System support

Within our comprehensive program, the Grantsburg Character Education Program is based on the following board approved core values:

1. Respect Self and Others/Responsibility and Accountability for Actions

2. Honesty/Integrity/Trustworthy/Fairness/Kindness/Compassion/

3. Respect and Obedience for Authority

4. Self-Control and Self-Discipline/Positive Attitude/Work Ethic

5. Perseverance/Patriotism/Cooperation/Courtesy